Not working for “the man”

There are many people in this world that don’t like their job. The only reason they stay at a job they don’t like is cause they need to pay the bills or they have a family they need to take care of. These are ALL valid reasons and I perfectly understand what that means. However for most of us “young people” we still have a chance to get out of this vicious cycle the majority of our parents have gone through. We ALL have SOMETHING we are good at. Some of us find it very early on in life others don’t. If you manage to find what your passion is, run with it! Chances are if you totally master this area people will pay good money for your expertise. All this focuses on my point of starting your own business. Its easier than you think in most industries. This is my train of thought.

After a few years of work and all the things I have seen in the IT industry, one thing I started to notice was how valuable time was. If you go to work for 8hrs a day and come home it would be dark and your day is gone. You have time to do nothing else. You get home and all you want to do is rest. Before my first job I would be on my computer every day doing some free work to sharpen my skills. So it was a drastic change. I no longer had time to do the things liked to do that I did before. So in the end all I had was tons of money to spend on things.

So that got me thinking. If I were to spend all this time and effort on something of my own wouldn’t I eventually gain more as opposed to working for someone else? If you remain working for someone else you may get paid well, get all kinds of perks from your job….but what do you really have? Your job will always be in the hands of someone. Someone decides your labor is no longer worth your salary you are gone. And you are back on the hunt for another job with more of the same. Why do we always have to be putting ourselves at the mercy of others? Why must we always have to satisfy others and let them determine whether we are “good enough” for the job? Why not run your own show and do everything your way?

Now running a business is not for everyone. Given there are many people that are perfectly happy with going and doing their 8 hours a day and coming home. There is nothing wrong with that. What I urge everyone to do is decide which kind of person you are before its too late. The more you wait the harder it gets. The time is now. The biggest barrier for most people is having a family. You do not want to put your whole family in jeopardy because of your bad decision.

The majority of this post is based of my personal experiences and may not apply to all industries. If you are in a industry with computers…you are in luck!

Thanks for reading and good luck!


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