Find someones general location with a IP address.

Disclaimer: This blog will not be liable for any trouble you may find yourself in if you use this information the wrong way. This post simply provides a proof of concept that can certainly be used in real life. This is in NO WAY illegal but we still warn you. Use at your own risk.

Today I am going to talk a little about ip addresses and a free service that is available on the web that will allow you to get a general idea of where people are. So lets get right into it.

1. Getting the IP address.

Acquiring the ip address is the first part of this. Now I know what you are thinking…that this involves some crazy hacking scheme that requires you to bypass the mainframe and disabling the firewall (typical movies line). Well sorry to disappoint you but no. Usually the easiest way to acquire someones ip address is getting them to go on a site such as and once they have done so you ask them for the number they see on that page. 9 out of 10 people have no idea what an ip address is and what its used for. Other ways this can be used and its becoming more common is when buying stuff online. Usually when you purchase something online the “merchants” collect all this information to screen orders and make sure there aren’t any fraudulent orders placed. Usually when fraudulent orders are placed they loose money because the money they get paid usually gets taken back when the owner of the credit card finds out. So this can be used for good and for bad.

2. Whats next?

Ok so now that you have an ip address you can actually head over to this website This website is a company that provides a IP geo-location service. They pretty much took information from different sources and put it all together in a nice database and made it searchable. Their main goal is plot where IP addresses originate from. At the same time they also look for trends in suspicious activity. They see where abuse usually comes from and label those ip addresses as possible locations where fraud and spam come from (usually Africa and Middle Eastern ip ranges). So what you will do is grab the ip address and search it on the website. For example ill use the ip address of this website.

Searching the ip address

This is what I got back. It says the location for this ip address is Los Angeles and that is correct.

So that’s pretty much it. Experiment a little with this if you are curious.

Thanks for reading

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