How Facebook Really Makes Thier Money (Tricky Tricky)

Just a few days ago I was looking for ways to bring more traffic to some of my websites and I went on Facebook ads to check their stuff out. They offer you some pretty appealing choices for advertising to the crowds of users that use Facebook everyday. You can target very specific things about the people you are trying to reach. Things like where they work, if they are married, and what their interests are. (Yea! Believe it or not all the stuff in your profile you input yourself is used to generate ads that are very likely to click on.) So after seeing all this I was distracted by something else and I did not purchase any ads at the time.

This morning as I was doing my normal morning stuff. I noticed an email come into my inbox. The subject read “Get $50 in free Facebook Advertising today” This is what it looked like:

So I said “Cool!” and went over to Facebook to make my ads. I went through the whole process of adding text and small image to the ad. After going thorough the whole process I went into the billing section to try and add the coupon I had received to get the 50 bucks credit.
So I selected my funding source. I picked “Facebook Ad Coupon”.

The next thing I did was enter coupon code in the field provided.

So at this I point I was “Wow this is pretty simple. Man Facebook is great!” However I think I spoke too soon. Right after hitting submit I am greeted with the following message.

So apparently this is just a gimmick to pull people into spending money in their advertising. Just to drive my point I bit further. WHY WOULD YOU SEND ME AN EMAIL WITH A CODE AND SAY THAT THIS CODE IS NO LONGER VALID 3 MINUTES AFTER RECEIVING IT? Is it really possible that how ever many codes they “gave away” got activated in just 3 mins? Are people really waiting by their computer for these things? 3mins??? If we look a bit closer the bottom of the email DOES mention supplies are limited.

So no biggie there. But if you ask me I don’t think they ever intended to give anything for free. I think its just highly unlikely that the codes they “gave for free” ran out in the matter of 3 mins. Whats that you say? Why dont I just stop using facebook if I dont like it? Lets face it. At this point and time EVERYONE is on facebook. Unless you are someone who lives under a rock you will not stop using facebook. Im not saying it impossible either but lets not get carried away. We may not like some thing about facebook but w/e get over it. There are better ways of expressing how you feel….such as writing a blog like this.

Oh yea almost forgot. Thanks for nothing facebook.


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