low CPCs

adtegrity.comRecently I was going through my Google Adsense account data. I decided to look at all the data for one month for ad networks. I sorted my CPCs from high to low to see which ad networks were paying what. If you have never done this I encourage you to do so as there are lots of networks using google adsense that are purposely serving super low cpc ads (I like to call them “lowballers”) and are all together driving down you average CPC thus lowering the total money you earn.

adtegrity low cpc

The next thing I did was arrange my data from high to low for most clicks. As you can see with the image above we have Adtegrity with super low CPCs and super low RPMs despite the fact that I had over 200k pages views where one of their ads show up. Now I know what you are thinking “it also depends on where the traffic came from”. Well these particular websites get tons of USA traffic and very very little Iran traffic or Africa traffic (the typical kind of traffic that generates low CPCs) so that’s not the cause of this. I have since blocked Adtegrity from show any if their ads on my websites I recommend you do that same. You can do this via your Google Adsense control panel. Also make sure you search under ad networks for “ 2” as they seem to have caught on to people blocking their ads so they created a new account (since the default setting for Google Adsense is to automatically allow new ad networks). So the moral from all this is pay attention who is paying what cause there are a lot of these lowballer ad companies only in it to make money for themselves on the expense of webmasters.


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