SSH network monitor for Centos

iftopEver want to know whats going in and out of your server without having to setup any complicated software like cacti. Or maybe you are under a time crunch and don’t have the patience. Well lucky for us there is program called IfTop. What this program does in a nutshell is give you real time network usage stats. You can also find out which user is hogging up all your bandwidth with this. Another very interesting use for this program is find out if there are any other machines on the same network spamming packets (helped me do that not too long ago :P) and alert the owners.

If you want to install it on your machine you will need the RPMForge Repo Once you have the Repo in simply use the following command:

yum install iftop

Once it has installed all you have to do is type “iftop” without the quotes and you can sit back and watch your server work. If you want a similar network monitor look into “IPTraf” its much more polished that iftop.


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