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How To Change My Ip

I have come across this great piece of software called Hide My Ass that allows you to pretty much change your IP address to a TON of locations around the world. I have been using it for about a month … Continue reading

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Recently I was going through my Google Adsense account data. I decided to look at all the data for one month for ad networks. I sorted my CPCs from high to low to see which ad networks were paying what. … Continue reading

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DSL Extreme

So I used to have ATT dsl a while back. I mainly used it to host servers and mics experiments. I canceled it cause it got the point where I really didn’t need it. It was just a waste of … Continue reading

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VMWare Esxi 4.1

I have been playing around with VMware’s Esxi Server 4.1 on a spare server for a few days now so far what I have to say is..I LOVE IT. I used to use Oracles VM Virtual Box for the longest … Continue reading

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TRENDnet – TE100-S5

Just a few days ago I was playing around with my network setup and I got to the point where my router had no more extra ports. I had a old trendnet switch lying around. I hooked it up and … Continue reading

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