Make Your Own Website

So you want to create your own website? Well its not that hard its only a few steps to get this going. All you need is 20 bucks and a bit of patience. So lets dive right into it.

Step 1. – Find a Domain

You will need to go to a domain registrar and find a available domain to use. One very popular one is Go on their website and look up a few domain names that you have in mind. If its available choose the .com not the .net .org or the .info. The reason is most often when you tell someone your sites name they will think of it as .com above all the others. You want to make sure your domain name is easy to remember. So don’t make it “” unless of course that is what you want to name your website. Make your site easy to remember so people will actually want to come back to it. Domains usually go for $9.99/yr which I think is pretty cheap. Usually along with buying domains from GoDaddy I also like to purchase their Privacy Service. What this does is it makes sure your personal information (like you address and phone number) is not being publicly displayed within their “Whois” database found here:

Step 2. – Find Some Webhosting

So webhosting is a place where the files that compose your site will live so they can be accessed by any person visiting your site. In the very simple world of websites its HTML files that you will use. You can also choose to use something called a CMS (Content Management System) much like this site is using (WordPress). However this is a bit more complicated if you are a first timer on the scene. But there are certainly some tutorials out on the web that show you how to install CMS scripts. But anyway back to finding some webhosting. You can choose to purchase hosting directly from Godaddy. They make this process very easy. There are plenty of features their control panel provides that allow you to make a pretty decent looking website with the minimal effort. Their webhosting plans vary from $6 bucks month to about $16. The more expensive plan has more features and allows for more traffic. If this is the first website you make go ahead and start out with the cheaper plan. Once you start getting more hits on your site you can always upgrade.

If you are looking for something a bit more advanced (and harder to setup too :P) you can look at webhosting with hostgator. Their plans are relatively inexpensive but allow much more flexibility. The control panel they use is CPanel which is industry standard and used by thousands of webhosting companies. If you are a advanced user this will be the hosting for you. They allow you to host many domains for a cheaper price than godaddy.

Step 3. – Add Content To Your Site (Its ALIVE!!!)

So after you have your domain name and your hosting squared away start building your website. If you want something super simple (for 1-2 page website) then look up some tutorials one google on how to make webpages in HTML. This is usually not the easiest way to make sites due to the fact that you have to learn a bit of HTML. But you will be fine. Also the webhosts mentioned above have MANY one click solutions for you to set yourself up fast.

This pretty much a very simple guide on how to make your own website. There is TONS more that can be done to expand upon this post. But this is the general idea. If you have any questions or need a bit of help with your site….1 word: GOOGLE


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DSL Extreme

DSL Extreme

So I used to have ATT dsl a while back. I mainly used it to host servers and mics experiments. I canceled it cause it got the point where I really didn’t need it. It was just a waste of money. Recently I had this need to want to learn more about Microsoft’s Exchange Server. For those that don’t know this is a Enterprise level Email server that MS offers. I had played with it a while back never really got into in. So now here I am again. I didn’t want to run in on my cable line. The ips on my cable like are all mainly black listed cause of other spammers or people who don’t know how to run a secured email server. More than likely the same story with ATT. So I decided to go with DSL Extreme. They actually block port 25 out the box. You need to ask for their permission to use it. After that they will scan your email server to make sure its secure. What does that mean? No black listed ips! No bounced emails! All in all they are great. Last night I had some small issues with my dsl. Hopped on chat with them…fixed in 5 mins…try getting that from ATT or TWC. The service is very solid. I have not had any random disconnects like when I was with ATT. Routing is killer I get 7 hops to he server out in LA. So far I am very happy with the product.


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VMWare Esxi 4.1

I have been playing around with VMware’s Esxi Server 4.1 on a spare server for a few days now so far what I have to say is..I LOVE IT. I used to use Oracles VM Virtual Box for the longest time and I was happy till I set up ESXI. One few things that I have been able to do is run multiple servers at once now. Before on my desktop I would run 1 at a time. Now I have a pretty beefy desktop (AMD Phenom 2.1GHz x 3 4GB Ram 500GB HD) but I would have to many things open at once and make things super slow. With Esxi I have about 3 running at any one time and can switch from one to another easily and my desktops performance remains unaffected. I have yet to find anything negative to say about ESXI. It was very easy to install and its free. What more can I say. Its great!


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TRENDnet – TE100-S5

Just a few days ago I was playing around with my network setup and I got to the point where my router had no more extra ports. I had a old trendnet switch lying around. I hooked it up and bam! had some more ports. 1 day later I guess it was too much for it so it gave away. I went on Newegg and found this guy:

Its the TE100-S5 so far it seems to be very solid. I purposely hooked up several machines to test out its durability downloaded everything nicely. All said and done ended up costing me about $16 bucks. Probably one of the most solid switches ive seen in a while for that price.


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